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Why invest Township Projects in Bangalore

Why invest Township Projects in Bangalore

To enjoy the downtime of fast-paced work, with better returns, low maintenance, and great resale value, the township has the advantage. To enjoy the benefits of living in a part of Bangalore, while reaping the benefit of a complete living experience, the township is the project to choose. To eradicate these problems, developers across the city have re-discovered the township model and developed little cities outside the metros. Developers are offering various options to select from like resort themes, forest-themed, and various other choices to choose from.

The complete and convenient living experience is a top priority for most homeowners to balance life and work. Most townships are developed outside the city, with land prices way low than the city. Townships are self-sustaining and less volatile in the market. On average 10-12% appreciation can be seen annually over the time frame of 5- 7 years. Property value is said to double in 6-7 years.

Apart from spacious apartments, airy space, green land, excellent infrastructure, schools and hospitals nearby, shopping malls, we usually end up with a crowded 2 bedroom apartment overlooking a crowded street.

The integrated townships started developing, many foreign investors were interested and started investing, taking the market value high. Around 28% of the investors are from private equity centers, due to its diversification, low-cost entry, and low-risk investment with upside potential.

The cost of entry is low when compared to moving into the city. Now townships are setting up a new trend, “walk to work” or “walk to school” very seriously. Most of them are very close to industrial areas, and software parks. The land measurement of 25 to 2500 acres is considered a township, with excellent amenities, quality work, great architecture, and a tranquil ambiance to live in. this can be a great investment in the future, while you lead your life peacefully in nature.

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