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What Do Homebuyers Prefer? – Top 6 Emerging Trends!

What Do Homebuyers Prefer? – Top 6 Emerging Trends!

Buying residential property - a decision that is only made after careful consideration - is one of the most stable financial investments. There are numerous residential development projects available today, giving the home investor plenty of options to choose from. Given below are the top six trends that are emerging among homebuyers today:

Ready-to-move-in Homes – More and more investors are today choosing ready-to-move-in properties over those under construction. This effectively eliminates the risk of delay in possession. Buyers do not have to wait to take possession of their homes and can move in immediately.

Multifunctional Spaces – The work-from-home culture has brought attention to the need for homes that have multiple functions. Homebuyers are today looking for residential spaces that include home offices, workout areas, and study spaces in the layout. Investors are choosing to invest in spacious units that meet every need while also providing much-needed privacy.

Low-density Areas – Today’s home investors are choosing residential units in areas that have a low density of population. Crowded areas are not the preferred choice anymore, and localities in the suburbs are more appealing. Residential projects today offer various amenities, including shopping areas within themselves, providing the residents with every modern comfort and convenience.

Eco-friendly Properties – The modern buyer is extremely aware of their impact on their home and prefers homes in eco-friendly projects. Builders today are integrating solar energy, rainwater harvesting, and other green initiatives into their projects.

Smart Technology – Today’s urban, savvy, and technologically-advanced buyers are attracted to homes that incorporate smart technology. Modern homes effectively incorporate this technology and provide a hassle-free lifestyle.

Spaces for Co-working – With the trend towards working from home, investors today are looking for residential developments that include co-working spaces. Located in clubhouses or designated co-working areas, these spaces provide homeowners with spaces to work while maintaining social distancing.

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