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What are the Advantages of Buying a Ready to Move in Apartment in Bangalore?

What are the Advantages of Buying a Ready to Move in Apartment in Bangalore?

There are several residential projects that are currently in progress in Bangalore, giving homebuyers a number of options. While there are several pre-launch projects in the city, a large number of investors are opting for ready-to-move-in apartments. Given below are the advantages of buying a ready-to-move-in apartment in Bangalore:

Immediate possession – You can move in immediately into these apartments, and there is no waiting period to assume ownership of your property. In the case of an under-construction property, this period can be as long as five years.

You get what you see – With a ready-to-move-in apartment unit, you get precisely what you see. An under-construction property may differ in its final look versus the plans that you saw on paper.

Clarity – When you look at a ready-to-move-in apartment, you get a clear idea of the size of the rooms. This will trump looking at numbers on the plans and trying to figure out how spacious the apartment will be. The layout of the apartment is also obvious, and you get a clear idea of the space available in the unit.

Community – In ready-to-move-in apartments, it is possible to physically view the surrounding locality and community. This is vital because everyone wants to live around people with similar tastes and lifestyles.

Tax benefits – You can claim immediate tax benefits on the principal and interest payments on a ready-to-move-in home. For properties under construction, tax benefits can only be claimed after possession of the apartment.

Cost – Apartments under construction will increase in cost as the value of the property increases. However, in the case of ready-to-move-in apartments, there are no increased costs that are levied.

Ease of sale – If you are looking at an apartment purely with the intention of selling it, a ready-to-move-in unit is highly advantageous. The buyer can view the property before making a decision, and there is no waiting period before transfer.

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