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Trending Integrated Services-Giving Hand to NRI Investors

Trending Integrated Services-Giving Hand to NRI Investors

The Indian real estate market has always given equal opportunity to Indian investors as well as the NRIs. The norms declared by the government also support everyone to invest in the market, whenever the opportunity arises.

The capital appreciation/long-term investment: the real estate property is an asset itself, which also adds value over time. The 5% appreciation can jump 15% in the initial cost. The top-tier investment generates the most appreciation over time and always shows upward appreciation over time.

Affordable Purchases: the ‘affordable housing’ makes the property feasible for low-income and middle-class clients. Studying the area and the infrastructural development in the area before investing is wise, to gain long term benefits, with the low initial investment.

Currency Rates: investment made in the Indian market is way lower than the investment made in the other countries. When the rupee value against the dollar dropped drastically, many NRIs invested in the Indian real estate market. The right opportunity struct when the pandemic hit the world, and people started moving to their motherland and felt the need to own their own houses and plots, instead of moving into a rented space.

Taxation: the NRIs also follow the same taxation rule as the Indians, while investing in the market. The tax deductions may go up to 1% of CRE property when the value is over 50 lakhs. The NRIs capital gains over properties are taxable, with the TDS going to be of 30% maximum.

They can always invest in commercial properties, residential properties, agricultural properties, and also farmhouses and plantation houses. This can be a means of passive and secondary income or they can sell it over time. Metropolitan cities like Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi, and Chennai saw the highest real estate deals in the past few years.

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