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Trending Designs in Home Decor

Trending Designs in Home Decor

A home is a reflection of the individuality of its residents and a showcase of their energy. Everybody does up their spaces lovingly with great care taken in choosing stylish and tasteful home decor. Given below are some trending designs in home decor that will definitely add to the interiors of your home:

Lasting Design – People are becoming more environmentally conscious, and the use and throw culture is becoming redundant. This is reflected in home decor too, where the current trend is to invest in pieces that are timeless. These stylish pieces will last through several seasons, and your home will look trendy effortlessly.

Colors and Prints – One trend that is sweeping the interior design world is color and prints. The addition of warm colors and interesting prints in homes serves to liven the space up. This trend is being wholeheartedly embraced by the contemporary homeowner.

Minimalism – There is a trend towards minimalism, with less is more being the tagline of decor. More people now realize that a few well-chosen pieces of furniture or decor add more value to their homes. Large items only choose to clutter up the dwelling and block energy.

Bringing the Outdoors in – A home decor trend sweeping homes worldwide is that of bringing the outdoors in through the use of plants. People are today recognizing the therapeutic effect and calming influence of plants on a home.

Flexibility – The pandemic and lockdowns threw light on the importance of having flexible spaces within a home. The need for home offices, workout areas, and meditation areas means rooms are being designed and used for multiple purposes.

Lighting – There is a focus today on the use of proper lighting in a home. Lighting solutions vary between kitchens to living areas to bedrooms, depending upon the need and use of the space.

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