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Top amenities to consider before Investing

Top amenities to consider before Investing

The apartments come with all the built-in amenities and as a buyer; you must look into certain features that help you to live an enhanced life. Security is first. Always check for the robust security and the safety of the living space. Make sure there are CCTV cameras and are continuously monitored. Nobody should get inside your home without prior notice and the safety of your belongings Is important. Safety measures like smart vehicle management, under-car scanner, iron fencing, automated boom barrier, and mobile security application should be implemented.

The percentages of greenery is important with seasonal plantations, landscaped views, gardens with fresh air and natural light flow, themed gardens, small water bodies that are pleasant to look at and feel, and which brings an optimistic view and elevate the concept of healthy living.

Modern facilities to uplift the lifestyle of the residents like gym, spa, salon, clubhouse, sports hub, walking/ jogging track, swimming pool, aerobic space, all these promote the energetic experience.

Some of the basic facilities like water and power supply, high-speed lifts, wifi facility, AC, car parking space, security systems, and others are important. Some of the apartments and builders promote sustainable and eco-friendly living. In such case check for rainwater harvesting, garbage disposal system, wastewater disposal system, organic farming, and also compost making.

Sports enthusiasts can look for indoor and outdoor games provided. Volleyball court, half basketball court, swimming pool, cricket pitch, table tennis, indoor games room, outdoor and indoor gym, cycling track and many other sports they would like to play. These add energy and enthusiasm to life and looking at these features the kids may develop an interest in some of the sports.

Recreational facilities like a reading room, a clubhouse, recreational multipurpose hall, amphitheatre and space for fun filled weekends are provided. Also a barbeque space along the pool side to chill and spend time with family and friends. As per your interest look out for the amenities that enhance your lifestyle.

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