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Top 7 Factors to Consider When Buying an Apartment in Bangalore

Top 7 Factors to Consider When Buying an Apartment in Bangalore

Buying apartments may be a dream come true for many. But these are the factors you need to look into before making an investment and committing to it:

Location: away from the traffic, an ideal location is the one that is close to your office, t your kid's school, reputed hospitals, and the places you frequently visit. Always consider prime locations which may be good rental incomes too. And the resale value will be higher in such locations.

Builder reputation: purchasing from the right builder ensures quality construction and premium materials used and great amenities to the residents. The overall track record of the seller must be looked in to and not getting stuck with the legal proceedings is important.

Legal documents: the right permissions from the local authorities, RERA, Bangalore developmental authorities are all important. Make sure you have all the legal documents and the sale deed is accurate and the agreement stands.

Interaction with the seller: the negotiation with the price, maintenance fees, the slash in the final charges, compliments from the seller all should have interacted while agreeing to purchase your new home.

Amenities: most builders provide basic amenities but if you want to get all the facilities for you and your kids to enhance their interest and develop any kind of interest in sport or so, looking for the right facilities is crucial. Or talk to your builder to include one such facility for all the residents in the gated community.

The resale value: buying in a prime location from the right builder with all the facilities and agreed upon factors, will enhance the resale value for sure. If the deed is right and the legal term comes to light then the inflation is higher in the market fetching profits.

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