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Today's Needs of Homebuyers In Bangalore

Today's Needs of Homebuyers In Bangalore

The homebuyers today are adapting to the changes that occurred due to pandemics, altering their mindsets. This change is revolutionized the residential real estate sector. The lockdown and work from home trend have made people look for their own houses and properties gibing a healthy lifestyle with comfort and cleanliness.

The builders have changed their preferences and customized the buildings according to the needs of today's homebuyers. People are ready to invest in community living, healthy amenities, and other factors. Most of the working-class individuals and the elderly buyers ask for increased green cover, sports and fitness center, yoga and meditation rooms, large balconies, personal terrace, charge points for electric vehicles, sanitization and air filters, dedicated workspaces, and more.

People look for amenities in the apartments like a clubhouse for events and get-togethers, barbeque space, swimming pool for kids and adults, indoor games, outdoor sports like a basketball court, football space, volleyball court, cricket pitch, reading room, fitness centers, yoga area, aerobics deck, walking and jogging track, a sit-out area, and others comfort.

Residents also look for safety and security with watchmen, guards, and patrol police around the property with visits. There should be CCTV cameras and continuous monitoring, maintenance staff around all the time, CCTV cameras on all the floors, and other safety measures to take care of the belongings and the family.

Most people prefer community living while enjoying the privacy of the surroundings, living with the community while enjoying your freedom is the motto of most people. Residents with kids mostly look for good educational institutes, schools, hospitals, banks, and other civic structures like spas, salons, restaurants, shopping malls, retail stores, and convenience stores. Surrounding neighborhood value and price evaluation also come into the picture, if the appreciation is good around 2 to 3%, more people invest.

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