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Timely Completion of Projects will be a Booster for Homebuyers

Timely Completion of Projects will be a Booster for Homebuyers

The COVID-19 pandemic brought the world to a standstill and has effectively changed the way humans live, work, and socialize. People’s approach to investments has changed too, with more and more people looking to now invest in residential real estate. This has been due to the pandemic bringing everyone’s attention to the need for social distancing and owning their residences.

Real estate development companies have recognized this interest in home investors and are amply meeting the growing demand for housing. Home investors today are knowledgeable about what they desire from their residence and are not willing to settle for less. Primary factors attracting homebuyers today are the timely delivery of projects, attractive discounts and offers, and world-class construction and amenities.

Although the world has opened up post the pandemic, consumers are still wary of venturing out, especially for site visits. The real estate industry has been quickly adapting to this, using digital platforms to create a near-real experience for buyers. This gives the home investors a clear picture of the project and also updates them on the ongoing construction status.

Growing cities such as Bangalore and Pune are currently experiencing phenomenal growth and development in the residential real estate industry. Newer localities are being seamlessly and steadily incorporated into the cities, and every manner of residential project is currently underway. Home investors today have a wide range, both in terms of developer and types of residential developments, to choose from.

This fast-developing market is also competitive, and real estate companies have to work hard to stand out from the crowd. Timely delivery of projects is one feature that builds up the reputation of the developer, instilling faith in the homebuyer. Up to 84% of buyers are looking for timely completion of developments as a factor that influences their investment decision.

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