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The Millennial Approach to Future Homebuying

The Millennial Approach to Future Homebuying

The generation that adapts quickly to changing technology and trends- the Millenials, comprise 36% of India’s total population. They take decisions a lot of the time take power in their times.

The Instagram generation: the spendthrifts, often miss out on how fastidious the generation is. They are tech-savvy and social media forms an integral part of social networking. They are most of the time opinionated and proactive. The unique perspective and multiple solutions they form to any problem are highly rated. We couldn't have imagined looking for or buying a home in the ’20s. but now, these millennials, are looking for homes online, taking virtual tours, and also buying properties sitting at their desktops.

Stability - choice of convenience over luxury: a Survey by CBRE ( a real estate firm headquartered in California) says about 65% of the Indians aspire to buy property. This number keeps growing in the future. Millennials look for envisioned, long-term financial stability. They make provisions for the future and work for it.

The semi-furnished studio apartments the millenials usually buy and the renovations they make with DIY orojects are more now. Thye successful professionals who are also bachelors have it all figured out. The generation once used to live with a pocket-sized budget is today financially aware of their roles and responsibilities so that they can explore and ensure a happy secured and independent future.

They usually seek a property close to their workplace with all basic amenities and the property within the gated complexes. They believe in making smart choices. The integrated technology, modular kitchens with extravagant furniture, minimalistic decor, and good sunlight and ventilation is a must. The minimalistic lifestyle while living to the full extent is what the millennials are seeking.

The banking trends and the research suggests in the last year show contrary to popular belief systems, the Millenials exhibit brand loyalty when presented in a favorable experience. They are result-oriented and generation-driven. With big dreams and bigger aspirations, they set goals in their early lives. They draw their focus on the career map and invest in training themselves and acquire the necessary skills to meet these goals.

They believe in investments and being their boss. They build their lives on their own rules, and always compete to get better than the previous time. It is putting their foot down and at the right place and early. The easy beginnings and early start are the keys to the success of the Millenials.

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