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The Future of Residential Real Estate - Prestige Group

The Future of Residential Real Estate - Prestige Group

The residential real estate market in India has begun to see an upswing after the pandemic and its subsequent lockdowns. With the pandemic throwing light on the importance of owning a home, numerous new investors are today entering the market. This has been evidenced by an increase in the number of sales in 2021, which is continuing into this year.

Homebuyers are trending towards luxurious properties located in expansive projects, and real estate developers have several of these projects underway. Every project offers a multitude of high-end amenities, and these play a critical role in the popularity of a project. There is also a prevailing trend toward owning residential real estate in opulent gated communities with exclusive and private villas.

Interest among home investors seems to be moving towards properties in metropolitan and developing cities, as well as mid-level cities. The real estate market is focussing more on upcoming urban centers in the country as compared to established large cities. The current culture of working from home is also firing this movement away from cities to mid-tier cities and towns.

The government has also introduced schemes that are boosting the real estate industry, and this has had a positive impact. Lower home loan interest rates have also greatly fuelled the market, and residential real estate sales are set to increase. Builders are also currently offering attractive discounts and add-ons to home investors, which is further reviving the real estate sector.

The Prestige Group is a trusted name in residential real estate and is well known for its emphasis on excellence. This far-sighted real estate development company has various projects that are currently in progress in various locations across the country. These developments are a beautiful blend of classic and modern design, in keeping with the requirements of the modern homebuyer.

The Prestige City new launch township at Sarjapur Road, East Bangalore.

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