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Lockdown is the right time to invest in real estate?

Lockdown is the right time to invest in real estate?

The pandemic pretty much changed everyone's life for good. However, real estate investments are meant to stay and prosper and grow in popularity. There are several factors to look into before investing in the real estate market during the lockdown period:

Knowing where to direct the investment: there are many avenues for the investment and selecting among retail, residential, commercial, or financial instruments or even just the physical asset is crucial. Selecting the one as per your needs is the key to starting on the right foot. The flexible office space strategy becomes more and more common across the globe. With the increase in space between existing work and the workstation commercial assets are expected to perform well during the evaluation.

The grade A offices have co-working facilities, that is work from home if they are far away and come to the office if they stay close by. The residential localities close by to work is the ideal place and situation to invest in.

Choosing the city and location: the intention is purely investment and not for self-occupancy, the metropolitan cities give long performance and inflation. The physical offices remain central to mos of tye companies and the plans to attract talent and employee well-being and enable a corroborative work environment.

Depreciation of rupee: the depreciation of the rupee value against the dollar is another reason why many NRIs invested in the Indian real estate market. The slashed stamp duty and the registration fare during the recent budget, making it possible for every citizen to invest. The rental prices are another reason to invest in your own. Instead of paying huge rents, people started using the same money as the EMI and the banks are ready to give property and home loans for much lower interest prices.

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