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Cybersecurity and WFH: Challenges and Opportunities - Prestige Group

Cybersecurity and WFH: Challenges and Opportunities - Prestige Group

Companies today are offering their employees the option of hybrid working, which is working alternatively from both home and office. Many employees are opting for hybrid work; however, one major issue they have to contend with is cybersecurity. Given below are a few ways you can ensure your security while using the internet to work from home:

Proper Training – Companies must train their employees on cyber hygiene and cybersecurity. Working from home has made employees lenient about cyber safety. This can potentially expose the company to a hack or a leak of information. It is the company’s responsibility to enforce strict usage of password managers, usage of VPNs, and encryption devices. The company must make its employees aware of cybersecurity risks and the implications of these.

Updated Anti-virus – Fortunately, most electronic devices today come equipped with anti-virus software. However, companies must ensure that their employees’ systems have the most updated anti-virus protection available. Malware detection and firewall services installed by companies will protect themselves and their data from being hacked. Employees must also be made aware that there is a risk of their systems getting by programs and websites on the internet.

Phishing Awareness – Phishing emails look like they are from the service provider, asking for contact information and details. These emails usually have infected attachments provided. Companies must train their employees to recognize these emails and emphasize ways of not falling prey to them.

Secure Applications and Clouds – Companies must ensure that all applications and the cloud service used by employees are up to date and secure. This will ensure that confidential material is safe. Employees should only be able to download the company’s software on a firewall and anti-virus-protected systems.

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