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Building a Home That Breathes

Building a Home That Breathes

Homes perfectly mirror and reflect the personality of the people that reside in them, their personal tastes, likes, and individuality. Irrespective of whether it is your own home or a rental residence, these spaces are crucial to your mental wellbeing. Having a home that breathes with a free flow of energy through it is crucial to having a joyous life.

One of the most critical aspects that make a home bright and airy is the number of windows in it. Large, well-placed windows and balconies ensure a dwelling that is well lit and ventilated, with a good energy flow throughout. A home that has an abundance of natural light and ventilation lifts your mood and ensures happy times in it.

Another way to allow your home to breathe is by being careful not to clutter it with bulky decor elements. Carefully pick furniture that is multipurpose and yet light in structure so as not to completely fill up your space. Bulky furnishings are also a no-no, and there are several trendy modern ones that do not fill up the space.

The color you choose for your home also impacts the lightness of your space, and dark colors close up spaces. Having an accent wall is fine, but maintain a neutral, light tone on all the other walls of the house. This will open up the home and make it more bright, which will be accentuated by the light coming in.

If you want your home to breathe, choose the lights carefully too, as lighting can significantly close the space up. Different rooms call for different lighting solutions, and if done properly, this can really enhance the energy of your home. Having a home that breathes is the aim of every homeowner and is achievable by paying attention to small details.

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