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10 Points to Remember Before Buying an Apartment in Bangalore

10 Points to Remember Before Buying an Apartment in Bangalore

In the currently booming real estate market, here are 10 points to remember before buying an apartment in Bangalore:

Location – It is imperative to choose a location that is close to key areas and has all the infrastructure facilities necessary.

Developer – Make a thorough and proper study of the builder who is developing the project. Only invest in real estate developed by a reputed builder so as to avoid legal hassles with the property and on-time delivery.

Paperwork – Ensure all the documentation of the apartment you are looking at is in order and that the property is free from legal encumbrances.

Legal help – The common man may not understand all the legalities associated with a property. In situations such as these, enlisting legal help is vital.

Property inspection – Most apartment complexes under construction have model apartments. Make a thorough inspection of the premises to ensure the builder has delivered appropriately.

Facilities – Apartment complexes today come with a number of luxurious amenities for the convenience of the residents. Study the facilities available at the complex you are interested in to ensure that they meet your personal needs and desires.

Study floor plans – Sometimes, inspection of the property is not enough to ensure you are getting what you are paying for. Study the floor plans closely to ensure that your apartment meets your standards.

Reviews – Read reviews of the builder and speak with buyers who have invested in property developed by the builder to ensure that you are only investing in property that will be delivered in a timely manner.

Negotiate – You can try and negotiate with the builder to reduce the price of the apartment you are interested in.

Resale value – Make an assessment of the location of the apartment and the neighbourhood to get an idea of the resale value and rate of appreciation of the property.

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