Resident Welfare Association, India

Resident Welfare Association (RWA) is registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860. Each residential colony can have its own RWA, which focuses towards the welfare of the residents in a certain area. Every state in Inia has amendments pertained from time to time and are applicable on all RWAs of the state. RWA is governed by constitutional documents and is not allowed to work on its free will. The RWA can be sued and it can sue as well, considering it a legal body with rights.

The RWA looks into the conditions of internal roads, checking upon the improvements on amenities and other common facilities, street lights, drainage facilities, overall cleanliness, water harvesting, electricity supply and water flow. If the society is large the RWA may also consider looking into shops, bazars, banks or transportation within the area. The members of the board are selected through a general body meeting. Main responsibilities of the RWA are the maintenance of premises, finances, records and implementing rules and regulations.

Each RWA has a President, who presides over all general and governing body meetings, who has

a vote on the draw, supervises the work of office bearers and may operate on the bank accounts of the society. The Vice-President assists the President on his/her duties and is supposed to fill in his/her absence. The General Secretary represents the society in public or private, keeps the records of society and members and operates the bank accounts of the society. The Secretary assists the General Secretary and fills in his/her absence. The Treasurer collects the subscription, gifts, grants-in-aid, donations from members and general public, maintains records of society’s funds and operates the bank. The Executive members assist in the day to day work of the society, files the list of office bearers with Registrar of societies, as per section 4, Societies Registration Act, 1860.

The RWA decides the Subscription amount of every resident. Residents can ask for membership, while RWA has full rights to deny it. The membership can be terminated on member’s death, failure to pay charges, if they work against the principles of the society or do not attend any meetings on valid grounds.

Location Of The Prestige City

The arrival of the IT industry in Bangalore heralded the transformation of this city from quiet and laidback into the vibrant and bustling cosmopolitan metropolis that it is today. The establishment of several prominent IT majors in the city brought with it a large number of job opportunities and a massive influx of new residents into the city. These large numbers of people coming into the city and looking for accommodation to set up their home base here in turn led to a virtual boom in the real estate market with more and more localities that were once considered to be on the outskirts being quickly and seamlessly amalgamated into this fast-growing metropolis. One of the localities that underwent a phenomenal growth and change in character is Sarjapur road. This once dusty single lane road connecting Bangalore to Sarjapur is now a busy four-lane wide road. The primarily agrarian and green surroundings of this road have rapidly been replaced by extensive residential and commercial development projects. Sarjapur road is currently one of the two localities in Bangalore that is experiencing the most rapid growth and this only looks set to go up further in the near future. The development of major employment hubs with companies such as Cisco, Wipro, and Nokia among others in the surrounding areas and with the proposed Infosys IT SEZ soon to come up in the vicinity propelled this neighbourhood into prime real estate. To meet the rising demand of customers, several large and premium real estate development projects have already been established on this stretch of road, with developers constantly in the process of acquiring land bases and launching more and more elite projects. Relatively easy connectivity from this locality to other parts of the city, viz, Whitefield, Marathahalli, Electronic City, and Koramangala among others is one of the major factors that makes residing on Sarjapur road so attractive. Residing on Sarjapur road ensures easy access to healthcare facilities of repute and to several well-known educational institutions. There is a commanding presence of several malls, multiplexes, banks, and avenues of recreation in this locality too. With the physical and social infrastructure development taking place at a rapid pace and more and more infrastructure projects under development, the major players in the real estate development market have recognized the potential of this locality and this locality is only set to grow exponentially in the near future.

The close proximity to IT and the surrounding social structure helps in the real estate development of Sarjapur and sky rockets your investment in just a few years. The abundant residential and industrial projects makes you choose Sarjapur as your locality to live a life of heaven here. The recent survey found the annual appreciation of the property to be 4% and more every year making it your residential destination and a bull investment.

What is the importance of Occupancy Certificate?

The occupancy certificate is a document issued by the BBMP or BDA in Bangalore and this certificate gives permission to occupy a property. A requirement under the Karnataka Apartment Ownership Act, 1972, this is a legal requirement for both commercial buildings and residential buildings consisting of more than five units. Upon completion of a new project, the project is issued an occupancy certificate by competent certifying authorities. In Bangalore, this certificate of occupancy is one of the most important documents that a homeowner must obtain when investing in a property. The occupancy certificate is legal proof that project has been constructed in accordance with the approved plan of the building and in accordance with the applicable building codes and with the relevant rules and regulations of the land. The certificate is also proof that the project meets the requisite safety standards and is suitable for human habitation. Once a project has reached completion, obtaining an occupation certificate is the responsibility of the developer. It is absolutely necessary for a home owner to have in their possession an occupancy certificate. An occupancy certificate is a legal necessity for any home owner as the absence of a valid occupancy certificate deems the project an unauthorized structure, giving the local municipal authorities the right to initiate serious legal action in the absence of a valid occupancy certificate. This vital document is a necessity when applying for a khata for payment of property tax and also when applying for water, electricity, and sanitation connections. It is illegal to move into a house without an occupancy certificate. The occupancy certificate is an absolute necessity when applying for a home loan as most banks do not approve home loans to properties lacking an occupancy certificate. A valid occupancy certificate is also necessary if you are looking to sell your property. In order to check for the status of the occupancy certificate of a given project, this can be found on the web portal of the state’s RERA as long as the project is registered under RERA. If unavailable on the web portal, this can be confirmed with the local municipal body.

Why Investing in The Prestige City is the best decision?

The Prestige City is an elite township developed by the Prestige Group on Sarjapur Road in East Bangalore. The township is spread across a vast area of 180 acres and consists of magnificent villas, luxurious 2 and 3-bedroom apartment units, elite 4-bedroom penthouse units with private garden facility, and also a well-developed plotted development. This premium new-age enclave is developed by the Prestige Group, the much-awarded real estate development company whose name inspires trust in customers. From humble beginnings in 1986, the Prestige Group has grown in strength, especially over the last decade, to make a formidable name in the real estate development sector as a developer par excellence. The group’s attention to detail and emphasis on innovation, high quality, and luxury has built up the company to becoming one of the front runners of the real estate industry in the country. The Prestige City stands a testament to the Prestige Group’s adherence to quality, excellence, and innovation. This township is a beautifully designed enclave with the residential units set in well-manicured and landscaped areas with numerous vast open areas all around. The plethora of residential options available to the customer makes investing in the Prestige City a wise decision. With so many residential options available in the township, the potential investor is spoilt for choice. This township also comes equipped with a multitude of luxurious amenities to cater to its residents, from a grand and exclusive clubhouse aimed at strengthening the sense of camaraderie within the residents, to a multipurpose hall, swimming pools for children and adults, well-equipped gymnasiums, a basketball court, a health club and spa, meditation and yoga decks, gaming arcades, and indoor games rooms. There is also a children’s play area and an exclusive zone for the senior citizens of the township. The enclave has an abundance of green with beautifully landscaped gardens and numerous aesthetic features to add to the aesthetic elegance of the township. The township has walking and jogging tracks that run through it, for those inclined to commune with nature while getting their daily dose of fitness. All these amenities are provided within a gated community that has excellent round-the-clock security with CCTV coverage at all times. This enclave is located on Sarjapur Road and is just a stone’s throw away from world-class healthcare facilities, educational institutions of repute, and numerous avenues for leisure, shopping, and recreation. There is excellent connectivity to other parts of the city and to employment hubs via a well-developed system of physical infrastructure. Investing in Prestige City is the best decision as this township is located conveniently away from the city and yet within easy reach of all that the city has to offer. The world-class construction of the residential units and the luxurious and high-end amenities provided by the Prestige Group are another aspect that makes investing in the Prestige City an extremely wise and sound decision.

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